Career Highlights


  • Experience as a Business Analyst for Information Systems. Developing Business Process Models, Use Case and Swim Lanes to document business processes for Application Development, Software Requirements Definition for Software evaluation and acquisition, Technical Process analysis. Experience with Business Process Analysis & Business Process Design. Including helping the client identify what they want (business analysis), and develop a plan to get there.
  • Experience with Team Leadership and Project Manager in Information Systems. Familiar with all aspects of the project development life-cycle and current project management practices.
  • Experience with developing and managing systems development, both technically and from the business side. For Example:
    • Experience with Oil and Gas Cost Management, Drilling and Completions, Production and Gas Accounting,
      including work to negotiate/develop Operating Balancing Agreements
      and Other Pipeline Services.
    • Experience with Gas Control and Gas Measurement Systems
      including developing and implementing Plant Balance Algorithms/Mechanisms
      for pipelines and gas plants.
  • Experience with Web Designs and Development,
    including guiding clients through a complete web design process
    including appearance, functionality, targeting the right market,
    helping clients understand what tools are available and what is
    suited best for them, and completion of Web sites for clients
    in accordance with their requirements.
  • 8 years working with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
    and E-Commerce including Regulatory requirements
    e-commerce and detailed familiarity with ANSI X12 and with recent
    experience with XML/XSL.
  • Business Analysis for and leadership of Systems Infrastructure Rationalization
  • Experience with marketing software and services.


  • Web Development/Design Tools: Flash,
    Dreamweaver, Front Page, Adobe/Photoshop, Adobe/Illustrator, Visual Studio
  • Programming tools & languages: C#, Visual Basic, PHP, XML,
    XSL, HTML, JavaScript
    , Java, C, Natural, PL1,
    Cobol, Fortran
  • Statistical Analysis: SAS
  • Operating Systems: Intel (Windows System 7
    Linus, Unix, Mac (Apple), MVS (IBM), VMS (Digital/Compaq).
  • Networks: TCP-IP, Ethernet
  • Database: MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Adabas, DB2
  • Desktop Tools: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft
    Access, Visio, FilemakerPro


  • Web Designer Certificate – University of Calgary
    Department of Continuing Education. 2003
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) University of
    Manitoba 1980


    Software Evaluation and System Development in the following business areas:

  • Gas Management
  • Oil and Gas Production Accounting
  • Pipeline Nomination, Contracting and Volume Allocation
  • Gas Measurement
  • Oil Production Data Reporting
  • Cost Management Systems
  • Telecom Services Sales tracking
  • Grain Rail Car Management Systems
  • Marketing Research Data Capture & Reporting
  • Production Well Scheduling

System Integration and Maintenance

  • Gas Management/Accounting Systems
  • Gas Control Systems
  • Cost Management Systems
  • Oil and Gas Drilling and Completions Reporting Tools

Web Development in the following business areas:

  • Shopping Carts, integration with payment engines.
  • Affiliate Marketing and Multi-level Marketing systems.
  • Retail Sales & Advertising.
  • Promotional websites.
  • Web Site Design including:
    • Assessment of appearance, functionality, targeted market,
    • Target Audience evaluation,
    • Graphical User Interface Design,
    • Graphical User Interface Evaluation.
  • Web Site Development and Implementation incorporating:
    • HTML, Flash, JavaScript, Java Applets XML and XSL.
    • Testing and installation (registration of domains.).
    • Logo, Graphic and image preparation.
    • Cross Platform Browser/Operating System Testing,

Business Consulting

  • Prepared presentations & performed background research and
    collected data from primary and secondary sources.
  • Provided business consulting for various clients in the following

    • Desktop infrastructure where the work included
      developing plans for back-ups and upgrades. Also assisted
      with implementation of the plan.
    • Assisted with software tool selection to
      meet application/systems requirements (helped clients understand
      what tools are available and what is suited best for them.)

Desktop Support and maintenance:

  • Performed Windows XP upgrades
  • Installed software
  • Implemented data back-up programs

Infrastructure Support and maintenance:

  • Web Server Implementation and Migrations, both with IIS and Linux/Unix
  • Unix server consolidation
  • Intel server consolidation
  • Office systems relocation

Project Management, Communications and Administration

  • Staff Supervision
  • Presentation and communication planning & preparation
  • Annual Business Plan and Budget preparation & administration
  • Coaching & mentoring leaders and staff on roles and responsibilities
  • Co-ordination of interdepartmental teams
  • Administration of Operational Excellence program administration
  • Member of the Project Management Institute, Southern Alberta

EDI/Electronic Commerce

  • Development/customization of systems to handle EDI transactions
  • X12 Transaction coding
  • Trading Partner Agreement Negotiation

Training and Mentoring

  • Desktop Software usage instruction.
  • Statistical Tool training and mentoring